The Artek line is made from salvaged architectural teak, specifically teak that was used in colonial home construction, now salvaged and recreated into this sleek and rustic furniture line.

The Nuparc line features Ironwood which has been salvaged from industrial building material and railway sleepers and combined with stainless steel creating a very contemporary style that will compliment many interior environments. Ironwood is a dense and durable wood that embodies a great deal of character built over years of environmental exposure.



Zenporium’s Boat line is comprised of furniture constructed using colourful wooden panels salvaged from decades-old retired fishing trawlers.

Fishermen in small villages along the tropics take great pride in their trawlers, decorating them with brilliant color schemes and local designs. The introduction of modern boat innovations in the region, however, has tipped the scale towards replacing the aging boat versus investing in costly repairs. As fishermen upgrade to fiberglass and aluminum equivalents, the decades-old trawlers were rendered useless, becoming a liability to their owners and to the environment. Old trawlers would be burned, beached, or sunk in the ocean depth.

Recently, creative artisans began salvaging the high-quality teak wood from retired trawlers to build furniture. This practice affords us these colourful treasures, while lessening the retired boats’ impact on the environment, and giving their previous owners an often needed push towards their next boat purchase.

Zenporium sources Boat furniture through artisans who reclaim interior and exterior wood to reinvent it into functional furniture. This is furniture with character, brilliant colours, a unique design twist, and history.

Petrified Wood


Petrified wood originates from trees fallen during the Jurassic period (yup, millions of years ago), that were turned into stone as their organic matter was replaced by dissolved minerals. The process of petrification occurs over millions of years, giving each log a myriad of unique mineral colours from the surrounding earth while preserving the original characteristics of these prehistoric logs.

Zenporium exclusively sources government-approved petrified from forests abundant with petrified wood. Our petrified wood furniture collection includes pedestals, slabs, side tables and sinks.

Tree and vine sculptures


Tree sculptures are decorative accents that are selected for their natural beauty, then treated and sculpted artfully by artisans to create these spectacularly organic ornaments.

Zenporium offers a variety of trees and Liana vines within this collection.

Zenporium’s Coffee Tree and Tea Tree Sculptures originate from coffee bean and tea leave plantationson on the lowlands of Java and Sumatra in Indonesia. When plantations engage in tree replacement to maintain desired growth rates, uprooted trees are retrieved by local artisans who transform them into creative masterpieces. Artisans will dry, sculpt, then polish each tree, highlighting its natural beauty, and preserving its roots to serve as a base. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, vines , tea and coffee tree sculptures serve as a multi-dimensional accent piece for those seeking a creative way to decorate indoor and outdoor spaces. Creative ideas have transformed these trees into hat racks, light and picture stands, ornamental trees, accessory holders and suspended art. The creative possibilities are virtually endless.

Teak Root


These pieces are made using the discarded roots of teak trees that are left in the ground after the trees are responsibly-harvested within government-approved plantations for use by industry.

Instead of letting the roots go to waste, we use them to make stools, pedestals, flower pots, bowls, vases, platters and more.

Each piece is one-of-a-kind, with no pattern repeating twice. The holes and knots highlight the diverse depth and dimension of tree root with all its glory.



Zenporium’s Modernist styles include contemporary teak and leather furniture, solid wood “rountangles”, and industrial designs.

Sol loungers and diners pay tribute to 1970s Danish furniture designs, using crafty teak-wood construction and featuring smoothly finished new-age lines. Weighing-in at an exceptionally lightweight 8 lbs, frames are built of solid teak that is known for its strength to physical stresses and resilience to environmental changes.

Weaved leathers are made of premium, full-grain natural hides that retain strength as the material develops character with age.

Wooden Serveware

Zenporium-Wooden-ServewareFood safe and rich in natural character, these organically-designed wooden serveware bowls and platters are ideal for fruits, candy and ornaments.

Featured Artists

Featured ArtistsWe take great pride in supporting our local artists who work with the same standards we do by using materials that are either reclaimed, salvaged or sustainable harvested. We will be featuring work from various talented local artist so make sure to check back regularly.