Coffee Tree Sculptures


Uprooted and rescued coffee trees sculpted into naturally organic sculptural pieces.


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Product Information

Browse through our tree selection and you will find tree sculptures of all shapes and sizes to suit your space.
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About this Collection

Tree sculptures are decorative accents that are selected for their natural beauty, then treated and sculpted artfully by artisans to create these spectacularly organic ornaments.

Zenporium offers a variety of trees and Liana vines within this collection.

Zenporium’s Coffee Tree and Tea Tree Sculptures originate from coffee bean and tea leave plantationson on the lowlands of Java and Sumatra in Indonesia. When plantations engage in tree replacement to maintain desired growth rates, uprooted trees are retrieved by local artisans who transform them into creative masterpieces. Artisans will dry, sculpt, then polish each tree, highlighting its natural beauty, and preserving its roots to serve as a base. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, vines , tea and coffee tree sculptures serve as a multi-dimensional accent piece for those seeking a creative way to decorate indoor and outdoor spaces. Creative ideas have transformed these trees into hat racks, light and picture stands, ornamental trees, accessory holders and suspended art. The creative possibilities are virtually endless.