Tero Blocks


Teak roots, the most commonly abandoned portion of a teak tree is salvaged and used to create a number of functional and naturally beautiful pieces. The Tero teak root blocks are cross sections of the salvaged teak root and can be used as side tables, coffee tables and stools.



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Product Information

Available in 5 sizes.
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Large, Medium, Small, X-Large, X-Small

About this Collection

These pieces are made using the discarded roots of teak trees that are left in the ground after the trees are responsibly-harvested within government-approved plantations for use by industry.

Instead of letting the roots go to waste, we use them to make stools, pedestals, flower pots, bowls, vases, platters and more.

Each piece is one-of-a-kind, with no pattern repeating twice. The holes and knots highlight the diverse depth and dimension of tree root with all its glory.


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