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Zenporium offers a variety of contemporary, rustic, industrial and organically-designed seating suitable for home and office, or hotel and restaurant.  From benches and stools, to dining chairs and barstools, loungers and occasional seats, you will find seating for your desired space.


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    Artek Dining Chair

    $345.00 $276.00
    Zenporium Artek Dining Chair (1)
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  • Artek Storage Block

    Artek Storage Box
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  • Chelsea Bar Stool

    Zenporium Chelsea Bar Stool
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  • Chelsea Counter Stool

    Zenporium Chelsea Counter Stool
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  • Lychee Live-Edge Bench

    Zenporium Lychee Live-Edge Bench - Natural (15)
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  • Lychee Stump

    Zenporium Lychee Stump
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  • Nuba Bar Stool

    Zenporium Nuba Bar Stools - Ntrl
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  • Shinto Bar Stool

    Zenporium Shinto Bar Stool
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  • Shinto Stool

    Zenporium Shinto Stool
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  • Sol Bar Stool

    Zenporium Sol Bar Stool C6 (1)
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    Sol Highback Chair

    $880.00 $300.00
    Zenporium Sol Highback Dining Chair C4
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    Straight Back Chair

    $290.00 $180.00
    Zenporium White Wash Straight Back Chair
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  • Teak Stump

    Zenporium Teak Stump (2)
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  • Tero Blocks

    Zenporium Tero Teak Root Blocks
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  • Tiko Bench

    Zenporium Tiko Bench (2)
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  • Tiko Blocks

    Zenporium Tiko Blocks
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