Our Story

ZEN_OurStoryZenporium is a design-build wood furniture firm specializing in rustic, modern-organic, eco-friendly and Mod teak designs.

Zenporium is a small business, transformed from spontaneous inspiration into one of Toronto’s better-known providers of salvage wood and reclaimed art design/build firms.

Zenporium’s products interweave rustic, organic, industrial and modern design motifs to create unique styles intended to serve function, enhance aesthetics and inspire imagination. The firm’s products are built using reclaimed, salvaged or otherwise ‘up-cycled’ wood that is reinvented into art and furniture. Product selection includes functional furniture and decorative sculptures constructed using: – wood that is reclaimed from decades-old fishing boats, – wood construction byproducts, – discarded vines, and – substituted Java coffee bean trees.

Zenporium prides itself on its commitment to environmental sustainability, social responsibility and fair trade practices. Established in June 2010, Zenporium Ltd. first opened for business in October 2010.

Guilt Free Wood

Zenporium is dedicated to offering uniquely created furnishings, skillfully crafted using environmentally sustainable materials. Our Guilt-Free Wood™ environmental sustainability standard ensures that materials used are reclaimed, salvaged or responsibly-harvested.



Order FAQ

To place an order, simply add the products you are interested in purchasing to your shopping cart and enter in your location details. A shipping quotation will automatically provide you with an estimated cost of shipping and your total cost will be calculated

1. In Stock
If your piece is in stock we typically ship it to you within 2-4 weeks*. If you need any alterations done (extra shelving, holes for cables etc.), let us know and we’ll send you a quote on the cost as well as an approximate delivery date.

2. Reserves
If your piece is not in stock, we will let you know if one is expected on our next shipment. You can then reserve that piece with a 50% non-refundable deposit. We will advise you on the expected arrival of the shipment and organize a suitable delivery time once the piece has arrived at our warehouse.

3. Special Orders
We specialize in custom orders, with the ability to build your furniture to the inch. A special order is necessary if:

  • You are ordering a piece with custom dimensions or working with our Design Associates on a custom design
  • We don’t stock your piece and don’t have one coming on our next shipment.

Special orders take approximately 12-14 weeks* for delivery and require a 100% non refundable deposit.
* Although we do not anticipate a delay in your order, we occasionally run into unexpected delays in the building or shipping process. If this should happen, we will notify you by email and provide a revised estimated delivery date.



Shipping FAQ

At Zenporium, we can ship products across the globe, and have preferred rates for shipping within North America. Shipping costs vary with the size and quantity of products shipped, however these costs generally do not increase drastically as the size of the shipment increases.

We deliver anywhere in the continental US and Canada and can ship worldwide. All of our orders are custom built in our workshops in Asia and ship to our warehouse space in Toronto, Canada. From here they are inspected and additional custom alterations can be done.

From Toronto, We carefully choose the delivery service that ensures your order is delivered to you in perfect condition and in the most economical way. For smaller pieces, we can ship by UPS. Larger furniture pieces typically ship by truck.

We work with a small group of the most reputable companies that specialize in furniture delivery and all of our pieces are professionally packed and fully insured (please see our warranty for more information).

Shipments to the US will incur additional charges of Custom Duties and Taxes. These charges by most carriers are calculated after the order has crossed the border and will be payable upon order delivery. In some instances of larger commodity shipments, the carriers will calculate the charges in advance and payment for these fees will be required prior to shipment.




Craig E
Thank you so much for your patience, good will and most of all for the efficient efforts you went to while helping us with our purchases. We really appreciate all you did on our behalf. We will recommend Zenporium to our family, friends and anyone who is looking for quality furniture with an unusual twist. We love it!

Georgia H
We very much appreciate the excellent attitude and commitment for after sales support that you extended to us.

Bill S
Zenporium is a fabulous store with two wonderful owners. My wife and I discovered the store while exploring Leslieville in Toronto. The amazing furniture, artifacts and decorations we stumbled upon at Zenporium really excited us – desks, tables, cabinets, cubes, vases, bowls, wall hangings and even trees!! We purchased as much as we could afford, and probably more than our small house could reasonably hold, but we wouldn’t part with any of the pieces we got, which includes a coffee tree. We love wood – and all of this wood is both beautiful and unique. It’s an enchanting store with equally enchanting owners. Our very highest recommendations.