Cahaya Deco Panel – Large Square

$1,690.00 $1,150.00

Built using interior and exterior wood that is reclaimed from retired fishing boats.


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Product Information

Available in a variety of colors.
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LS002, LS003, LS004, LS005, LS006, LS007, LS008, LSC401

About this Collection

Zenporium’s Boat line is comprised of furniture constructed using colourful wooden panels salvaged from decades-old retired fishing trawlers. Fishermen in small villages along the tropics take great pride in their trawlers, decorating them with brilliant color schemes and local designs. The introduction of modern boat innovations in the region, however, has tipped the scale towards replacing the aging boat versus investing in costly repairs. As fishermen upgrade to fiberglass and aluminum equivalents, the decades-old trawlers were rendered useless, becoming a liability to their owners and to the environment. Old trawlers would be burned, beached, or sunk in the ocean depth. Recently however, creative artisans began salvaging the high-quality teak wood from retired trawlers to build furniture. This practice affords us these colourful treasures, while lessening the retired boats’ impact on the environment, and giving their previous owners an often needed push towards their next boat purchase. Zenporium sources Boat furniture through artisans who reclaim interior and exterior wood to reinvent it into functional furniture. This is furniture with character, brilliant colours, a unique design twist, and history.